AutoCloud Enterprise®

About AutoCloud®

"AutoCloud" is a cloud based product which manages end to end business requirements of Automobile Financing industry. AutoCloud is highly scalable, reliable and robust application which can be accessed from any device having an internet connection, you data is safe with Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS cloud services.

AutoCloud forms an association of all clients and strives to provide security against all types of frauds by sharing the defaulter's list. No backups, no desktop application and no worries of virus, AutoCloud takes care of all your infrastructure needs so that you can concentrate more on something which is important - BUSINESS.

AutoCloud Enterprise is the ultimate solution for visionaries and corporates working in Automobile Finance domain. It has simple MIS, integrated accounting, comprehensive reports and business intelligent widgets.

"AutoCloud boasts of some unique features which Automobile finance industry has never used or experienced before."

AutoCloud Enterprise Advantage


Once you join the AutoCloud family, do ask your business peers to join the community. You can invite your business friends to AutoCloud and share blacklisted customer's data. By doing this you can get hold of blacklisted people when they approach your friends and also this helps in fraud detection.

Collection Devices

Give your collection executive the power to collect EMIs on the move at customer location, print the receipt and deliver SMS to client at the same time. No need to sync the device again, all the operations are realtime. You can even print due report and collection report from same device.


With the new workflow feature you are all set to run your company in Auto-Pilot mode. Assign roles and rules for all activities and you are set. AutoCloud Enterprise has a very scalable and customizable approval system for both Finance and Accounts module. Track easily who has initiated the finance and who has approved the same. Apply grid check at vehicle finance, any deviations will have to be approved by usiness owner.

Mobile Apps

With mobile apps it is very easy to make online collections and offline collections for customers on the fly, print recipts using portable bluetooth printer. Seizers can use the same to get infomation about the vehicles assigned for seizing. Others can use the apps to get the realtime details of a finance

Business Intelligence

Autocloud Enterprise has lots og business intelligent widgets for owner. It caters to vehicle collections, branch wise profit and loss, RSP payouts and payments, vehicles in garage and many more information on a single sheet. This will save your time and project all the weak areas if your busniess instantly.

Cashier Module

This software comes in with Cashier module which is one stop solution for your funds transfer to and from customer. This module shows the cashier instaneously what has to be collected from customer and hides all the other details. Cashier can also transfer to and withdraw from bank, make payments and accept non-finance recipts from other income source as well.

Tele-Caller Module

Have separate staff for following up with customers for various reasons? Good we support the same. Autocloud Tele-Caller module will give ready only access to these staff for follow up with your customers and note down the same in software.

Multilingual SMS

This is another unique feature of this product. Autocloud supports all Indian regional language, send SMS to customer in their own language of choice. This product also supports automatic sending of SMS.

High Security

With HashCloud building and maintaining the AutoCloud application, all you data is safe with Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure cloud servers in Ireland and Singapore respectively. HashCloud makes use of RSA and triple DES algorithms which are highly secure in nature to transfer your data to and from your cloud servers; hence no person can access your encrypted data.

Ease of Access

The application is designed is to work best for all kinds of devices including iPad, tablets, phablets, mobile phones and laptop. No installations required, you just need a device and internet connection to get started, so your business is on your finger tips from any part of the world.

Latest Technology

HashCloud has very carefully developed AutoCloud for your use. Using customer-centric approach to use best available technologies so that the application is of highest security, easy to use, scalable and always available.

Ease of Maintenance

You need not worry about storing multiple backups as you always have risk of data loss, data corruption and viruses. We will take backups for you at highly secure data centers, and make sure that no data is lost and data is available 24*7.

Fraud Detection

There are multiple checks through out the application for fraud detection. Any person using AutoCloud can blacklist some customers based on their business. While creating any finance there are checks which will warn you if the same customer has defaulted you or any other person using AutoCloud.

4 Step Easy Finance

Financing a vehicle is very simplified and happens in very user friendly manner in 4 simple steps. Just enter vehicle details, customer details, guarantor details and Finance details and you are done. All the values of step 1, 2 and 3 will auto-populated in case of repeat customers.

Integrated Accounting

AutoCloud comes with accounts package integrated, you just need to do your regular business, add office expenses and other incomes from simple voucher entries and your balance sheet is ready, no separate accountant required for your business.

Access Control

Create multiple users for your organization and limit their powers by assigning them various roles from Data Entry Operator, Accountant, Manager, Seizer and Owner. Hence access is restricted on a need to know basis.

AutoCloud Features

Dashboard with Widgets

This is the landing page where you can see various widgets which help you to have a quick snapshot of the performance of your company, or quickly do some activity. It contains Fund Flow Widget, Quick Receipt Widget, Pending EMI widget to name a few.

Personal Profile

The user can change its password and some organization related parameters from this option. Click on user name on right hand side, under this you find account settings.


Finance is the main module for Automobile Financing business, here we can maintain Customer Information, Vehicle Information and Finance Information. This menu contains the following sub-menus and functionalities:

  • Finance New Vehicle
  • Financed Vehicle Search
  • Vehicle Finance Dashboard
  • Additional Actions
  • Customer Management
  • Vehicle Management
  • Contacts Management
  • Seize Management

Revenue Sharing Functionalities

AutoCloud is first in market with end to end Revenue sharing functionalities, now there is no need to worry about Franchaise accounting and you can seemlessly work with your Channel Partners.


Stay ahead and keep your customers informed about upcoming dues or overdues with fully integrated SMS module. Just load the SMS credits and you are good to go.


AutoCloud comes with fully integrated accounts package, the entries you make in finance module automatically is available in the accounts module in form of balance sheet, profit and loss report etc. You may create ledgers for your companies, do transactions using in-built vouchers like payment, receipts, contra and journal.

General Administration

This menu is visible only to Client Administrator, from here you can create new firms under your organisation and you may create more users and provide them access to your application. You may create user groups using which you can manage branches of your firms.


Single place from where you can access all reports pertaining to your business. You can access Finance related reports and account related reports like Balance Sheet, Profit and Loass account. You can also access audit related reports from here.